Mousse Pad is the brainwild of Liz Armstrong, with collaborators.

Our approach uses an inventive touch to shape storytelling and stylize strategy across a range of media, products, and pitches.

After listening deeply, we take calculated and creative risk to innovate, reframe, or floof up any project into the best version of itself. When we’re done, we’re invisible—and the project soars.

Clients include premium directors, production companies, agencies, and entrepreneurs who’ve smashed best-in-class accomplishments and achieved highest possible industry awards.

Our mission centers on radical empathy, wonder, humor, intelligence, and inclusivity. We’re driven by meaningfulness, and believe everything that needs to exist in this world has a compelling story.

This is a queer-owned business located in Los Angeles. 🌈


©Mousse Pad, Inc. 2020 - Los Angeles, California 🌈